Basic auto maintenance

Basic automobile maintenance, aka “how do I check my fluids”

Here’s part 1 from popular mechanics for your guys. We start off with simply checking fluids. Transmission fluid, oil fluid, brake fluid, all the basics. It gives you an idea of where to look to check, how it should look, and if you’re just starting out this should be very helpful for you.

Next now that we’re done with fluids, how about filters? I.e. the air filter. Once during an “after winter” check of the air filter, we literally found mice living (or were living) in the air filter because it was warm and easy to access. Needless to say, this isn’t the best for the car’s performance. You can see with all the fiddling around you have to do with clips, gaskets, and so on why mechanics do so well financially. Things are usually very tough to get to and not the easiest to access. They’re usually under covers or behind other parts.

How about tires? Get a tire gauge so you can check their air pressure. Not when it’s super cold (that will be lower than usual), and make sure they’re correct. If you’ve got an all wheel drive automobile, it’s very especially important that the tires all match. What should your pressure be? Look at the owners manual, or better yet it should say on the hub of the doors.

Wipers may need replacing too, especially if it’s after wintertime when they tend to get beat up a lot. You can detach them, and easily slide on a new pair on you hook it on to the blade (listen for the click).

That about covers this video, we’ll look under the automobile in part 2 and change the oil, so slightly more advanced but something that anyone, man or woman, should be able to do. Making yourself a little self reliant for things like that will give you a good sense of accomplishment and pride.